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Rebecca and Babies Arthur and Albert

Rebecca and Babies Arthur and Albert

When I found out I was pregnant with my first born I was over joyed, excited and looking forward to meeting my baby! The excitement turned to nervousness, anxiety and fear of giving birth as my pregnancy went on.

I decided to do some research and have a look at how I could overcome my anxiety around giving birth and ultimately achieve the birth that I had planned. I then found out about Hypnobirthing and I came across women who had a pain free birth... was this even possible? Had to be worth a try! The classes were wonderful, me and my husband gained a lot of knowledge about giving birth and trusting your body. I enjoyed the breathing techniques, the guided hypnosis and relaxation each week. I often used all of these throughout my pregnancy! I suffered insomnia in pregnancy, and the techniques really helped me sleep. When I felt stressed or anxious about giving birth, I would use my breathing techniques to make me feel calm and in control!

I decided that I would like a home birth after visiting my local hospital and home birthing centre. For me, I just wanted to be surrounded by my own comforts and stay in my own bed!

I was 42 weeks pregnant when my surges started. I was on a 5-mile walk in the woods when I felt a cramping sensation. I had no idea that I was in labour! As the day and night progressed, the surges grew and I thought that maybe I was in labour but wasn’t too sure! I put on my Hypnobirthing tracks, had a bath and used the techniques when I felt the surges growing stronger. I put on my TENS machine and walked around my house with my Hypnobirthing playing through my earphones.

I started to bleed so thought that I should call the midwife just to check that was normal. They wanted me to come in because I was bleeding more than they would have liked (turned out this was completely fine). When I went in the car my surges intensified but I still felt calm and in control. I said at this point I thought I was in established labour and they said to me I couldn’t be as was so calm and relaxed on the phone, apparently if I was in established labour I wouldn’t be able to talk!

When I got to the hospital, they checked me over and all was fine. Turns out I was actually 8cm Dilated! I can honestly say that I was in total shock. I couldn’t believe how calm, relaxed and in control I felt.
I carried on listening to my Hypnobirthing and breathing through the surges.
I had to have an epidural as I had now been in labour for 2 days and was not progressing. Again, I carried on breathing, trusting my body and I felt relaxed and calm even when things didn’t go to plan!

I had an episiotomy in the end, and whilst it wasn’t the birth that I had planned or hoped for but never once did I feel anxious or worried. I used Hypnobirthing the whole way through and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for the Hypnobirthing techniques and guided hypnosis I know that things could have looked very different for me.
I personally believe that hypnobirthing helps you stay calm even when things don’t go the way you plan.

With my second baby I decided to have an elective c-section. He was footling breech and I was advised to do so. Again, I used lots of the techniques in pregnancy and with help sleeping.

On the day of my planned c section, I started using my breathing exercises listening to guided meditation to ease my anxiety around having major surgery. When I got on to theatre, I had the hypnobirthing soundtrack playing on the loud speaker so my husband could also support me and guide me.
My little boy was born in to the calmest environment! I had a beautiful birth and got to watch him being born! The surgeon was amazing, and she was chatting to him as he gently made his was in to the world! It was an amazing birth, and I was so pleased I could use the techniques with my c- section to enable me to have a calm, healing and positive birth.

I am a huge advocate for Hypnobirthing as it really helped me with both of my births stay calm and ensure my body didn’t go in to panic or stress mode! Ensuring that I got the calmest births I could have hoped for. I didn’t get my home/ water birth that I had hoped for with either baby, but what I did get was a birth where I felt in control, calm and empowered!

Rebecca and Babies Arthur and Albert
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