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Louise and Baby Gracie

Louise and Baby Gracie

My partner and I were lucky enough to become pregnant for the second time at the beginning of the year.

We decided we would like to learn some breathing techniques as I really wanted to have a pool birth where it was my understanding that you could not use drugs (other than gas and air) so I felt I needed all the help I could get!!!

We were so lucky to of found Jade who came to our home and explained to us the various techniques we could use and made us feel so relaxed and at ease.

However, the weeks passed and my due date came and went. I really felt that I would forget all the breathing techniques that had been taught to us and that I would just opt for anything to get the baby out - we were currently in a heat wave!!!!

Then in the early hours of Saturday 19th September I woke up at around 1.15am as felt slight contractions!!!

They started to get stronger so my husband Paul called the grandparents and told them to make their way over.

As my contractions started to get stronger I did my breathing techniques and I found they really helped. The contractions obviously still hurt but I felt in control and really felt as though I could zone out and get on with the task that lay ahead!!!

We got to the hospital just after 2am and by 2.50am (very quick I know) our beautiful baby girl Gracie Hughes came into the world weighing 7lb1oz. It really was magical. My husband cut the cord and then the three of us spent the rest of the day in hospital together - enjoying lots of cuddles.

Even though the whole experience was extremely quick I really found that the breathing really helped and I’m not sure how I would not have got through it without using the techniques Jade had taught me.

Unfortunately, I never made the pool as there wasn’t enough time to fill it up!! I was just grateful that I never gave birth in the car park!!

After an overnight stay we were allowed to bring our beautiful girl home

It was an amazing experience and my husband and I will always be very thankful to Jade who we feel made it all that much better.

Louise and Baby Gracie
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