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~ James Dewar

"Our minds are like parachutes - They only function when open"


No matter what type of birth you are hoping for, be it a hospital, home or midwife-led birth, here at Embrace Hypnobirthing I can help you create a positive, calm and relaxed birth experience. I want you to feel confident during your pregnancy and labour, to not fear the unknown and to embrace the empowering experience you are about to embark on!


My main aim is to support you lovely people to gain control of your birthing experiences, to feel prepared, informed, educated and listened to. I want you to be able to release and let go of any fear or anxiety you may have. I want your birthing partner to be equally prepared and involved. Teaching women to trust their bodies and to not be fearful of what they were made to do is such an empowering drive and something I am passionate about and hope to pass that passion on to you!

With my support, proven theory, techniques and science to back them up you can be on your way to a fearless, worry free, calm birth - no matter what may lay ahead.

If you are unsure or hesitant, perhaps do some research or take a look on YouTube for Hypnobirthing videos, then if you decide that this is something you want and deserve, head on over to the services page to find out more on what is on offer.

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