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Zahrah and Baby Sumayyah

Zahrah and Baby Sumayyah

Thank you so, so much for the session you had with Ily and I. My daughter is here! Her name is Sumayyah Bibi Bhayat, she came after my waters broke the day after I went on Mat leave at 37+3!

My waters broke on saturday morning (6th Feb), contractions started that evening and then I went in. I was 2.5 dilated and due to my waters breaking (which as you said, is rare!) I had to be monitored and so couldn’t be in the birth centre.

As soon as I came in, I asked for the birth centre, the midwives apologised and basically brought the birth centre to the Labour ward and kept it mainly midwife led. The doctors came in only once and they asked for my permission before they did.

I had pethidine at around 1pm, it was meant to make me sleep but i felt so relaxed that I asked everyone to do quizzes. They also brought in these laser lights. The entire room looked incredible. Not like a Labour ward at all.

I was put on a hormone drip, I was a little scared of the way the contractions would get stronger (as they were painful) but they gave me another dose of Pethidine and I had gas and air.

I went into active Labour around 11pm and gave birth at 1:45am. I initially was on all fours, and tried loads of different positions. In the end I did give birth on my back (mainly due to exhaustion from multiple days of contractions), I had an episiotomy with local anaesthetic. I didn’t feel the ‘ring of fire’, it just felt like stinging. The breathing out was not painful! It felt natural to push with contractions and the midwives gave me clear instructions and always asked my permission before giving me anything. They always spoke of the risks and I made sure to ask a lot of questions.

She came out back to back! Ily took a photo and showed me her head! One more push and she was out!

They gave me the oxytocin to birth the placenta and we did delayed cord clamping.

Ily literally was coaching me through every single surge with the best affirmations. He did the soft massage and reframed the pain as ‘the only good pain’. He watched all of in and was in complete awe! My sister brought extra fairy lights and he draped them over the sides of the bed. The only part he didn’t watch was the episiotomy. The midwives called him birthing partner of the year!

He also recorded the sound of the birth and it makes me tear up everytime. I miss it.

It was the best experience of my whole life.

She had a little bit of phototherapy for jaundice but we were home after day three and then went back in for a day. So properly got home on Monday.

Thank you thank you thank you! For all your help and support. Even though things didn’t go to “plan”, I had the self belief, the tools (oh the breathing was everything!), the best possible team around me and now, my brilliant, strong daughter. Islamically we say ‘Mashallah’ which means ‘what a will of God!’. What a will of God indeed.

Zahrah and Baby Sumayyah
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