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Steph and Baby Eliza

Steph and Baby Eliza

Hypnobirthing alongside an induction ... my birth by Steph

I had made the choice to opt for an induction alongside my consultant’s advice once my waters had released due to the fact I tested positive for group b strep.

My waters released at home whilst dancing around the kitchen table with my daughter. There was no mad panic, I simply rang the hospital to let them know they had released. I got my bags, the car seat and arranged childcare for my daughter, then off we went to the hospital. I was shown to my room on the labour ward, it was as nice as it could be. Big comfy chair for my husband, lots of space, en-suite bathroom and the lighting could be dimmed.

I was given the gel to help kick-start labour however, as my cervix wasn’t being very favourable I was placed on the drip. At this point I had very little surges and was calm, laughing and eating my way through a bag of midget gems.

Now this was my second birth, first birth I was again induced, no confidence, no education and scared. I opted for an epidural which led to interventions later down the line. This induction was going to be different, I just knew it! I could feel it!

As the drip was increased my surges came thick and fast. I focused on my breathing, used affirmations and got fixated on a concentration point in the room- a ceiling tile! As I was being continuously monitored and had the drip for the induction as well as my antibiotic drip for the group b strep, moving around was restrictive. However, I asked for a gym ball and placed that at the side of the bed and with the help of the midwives and my husband they worked with me so that I could be as free as possible. This helped tremendously with the surges.

As I transitioned I used gas and air and focused on my affirmations. My husband helped me stay in control and helped me focus on my breathing as at this point I was ready to ask for the epidural!! However, after calming down and re focusing I was able to channel all my energy once again. It was at this point my midwife said “looks like we are about to have a baby “.

Once again with the help of my husband and midwives I managed to get onto all fours to deliver my beautiful baby girl. Being able to feel every sensation this time round was empowering. No epidural in sight, just some good old breathing, focus, gas and air - oh and midget gems. Hypnobirthing helped me achieve a positive birth even though I was induced. Yes, it can be more intense but it only makes the end result that much sweeter.

Steph and Baby Eliza
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